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Looking for a quick refreshing or a new party or family game on your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad during lunch break or any other break with some movements for yourself. Then give Flooney The Fly a try. Flooney the looney fly, a fly that goes totally crazy and which has an incredibly strength and skills, at least for a fly.


Have you ever tried to catch a fly. It isn’t that easy, is it? Here you can try to catch up with one showing that you are skilled enough. At least when you don't mind maybe making some kind of silly moves for people not actually playing the game. If somebody complains just let them try to play themselves. And you know what that means (-; This game is not for couch potatoes ;-)




Flonney the fly, comic, cartoon style game for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad from Mobilutions.eu

Flooney The Fly - Trailer

Flooney The Fly and the dog at the Countryside.
Flooney The Fly knocking over a milk can.

There will be more episodes upcoming soon where Flooney and you will interact with new characters and challenges. You will get a first impression by looking at the new episodes sneak preview picture. What is happening there? Does Flooney not like ait planes? Does he even put his friend the dog in danger? And the birds at the sea, what about them? Will they be making even more trouble for you? Well, we will see.

Flooney The Fly making a mess. Swinging lights and paintings.
Flooney The Fly in the evening sun ath the countryside.

Try to keep Flooney in the center of your screen following him around. The more centered you manage to keep him the higher is the score that you are getting.

Flooney The Fly knocking over garbage cans and boxtrees.
Flooney The Fly opening a letterbox in the driveway.

There sometimes are also some bonus actions. Therefore, for example, keep in mind that even if the dog sometimes wants to sleep and turns the music off  the Meerkat do love music ;-)


Flooney The Fly flying around the Meerkats in the evening sun.

And watch what Flooney is doing with the Christmas tree. It's not always bad what he is doing. At least not always.

Flooney The Fly lightning candles at the Christmas tree in a special Christmas edition.

You can either try to prevent him from knocking things down by holding the objects tight or trying to clean the mess up again. To hold something tight you need to keep them touched with your finger. But pay attention. You have to touch them for at least 0,5 seconds otherwise you are pushing the objects yourself.


Flooney is a funny guy and likes to have fun with his friends the dog, the pic, cows and especially the Meerkats. He also likes to play with everything he can find. Which might not be such a fun for everybody else, but well ...  sometimes he really can leave a mess behind. It's up to you to prevent him doing it or well ... to tidy up, at least if it's still possible. But some things just need to be prevented.

If you didn’t manage to prevent him from doing crazy things you also can try to put objects back in place again.

Flooney The Fly knocking over a guitar.

So, enjoy playing. And don't mind if it might look like you are making silly moves. If somebody complains have them try to play themselves. Or you can simply use it as party game even judging the others performances. ;-)

The initial release comes with the following 5 Episodes, six levels each. But as mentioned, there will be more stunning episodes and challenging levels to


Flooney at the countryside, early morning and Flooney is still a little tired. This way this episode is starting rather slow. Flooney is thus giving you the chance to getting used to how to follow him. There is not that much to bring in disorder yet, just some apples and a milk can. But maybe you can help the sleeping cow to keep sleeping.

Flooney The Fly - Mobilutions.eu - dog in burning airplane
Flooney The Fly - Mobilutions.eu
Flooney The Fly - Mobilutions.eu

Flooney at the Christmas tree. That seems to be no good. But at least at the beginning Flooney starts quite friendly even helping you lightning the candles. At least at the beginning. But you should keep an eye on the baubles.

By the way. The Info screen does not only give you some information but also plays the intriguing  game soundtrack entirely.

Flooney in the bedroom. While you still might be a little sleepy Flooney is wide-awake playing with everything he is able to find, the ceiling lamp, the painting, the guitar or the book lying around. Even the light switch seems to be very attractive to him.

Flooney The Fly - Mobilutions.eu

Flooney in the desert. What does that mean. There shouldn't be that much he can bring in disorder, should it? Well Flooney always finds something, whether it's the signpost or precious water for travelers.

Flooney in the driveway. Nothing seems to be save, no box trees, garbage cans even the clean laundry hanging on the clothesline. What about the motor scooter and the cars in the garage. Well, we will see.

Flooney The Fly - Mobilutions.eu
Flooney The Fly - Mobilutions.eu

Enjoy and have fun!



If you have any suggestions or comments just email us at:

Do you love cartoons or cartoon games. Then give Flooney the fly a try. Or maybe just looking for a new game to play with friends or at a party or maybe even for a funny break at your karaoke event in the evening just judging the best Flooney performance.



The Flooney-Meter is the bar at the top of the screen.


It indicates how centered you are managing to keep Flooney within the display.


This way it also gives you an indication of how much your score will increase in each moment.

Flooney The Fly - Mobilutions.eu
Flooney The Fly - Mobilutions.eu
Flooney The Fly - Mobilutions.eu

Flooney The Fly - version 1.1 indroduces the "Flooney - Meter".

Version 1.1 also introduces Flooney - Mail


It gives you the possibility to send special Flooney Mails by adding one of the two main tunes / themes as attachment. You can send them to your friends or yourself and use them as ringtones on your iPhone.

Flooney The Fly: Flooney-Mail
Flooney The Fly: Flooney-Mail